To Infinity and Beyond


Over the years, our experienced team has interacted and worked with hundreds of applicants from a wide variety of cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds. Through these interactions we have realized that almost everyone has experiences and perspectives that make them unique, capable, and interesting. Whether you work at a consulting firm in Dubai, run a NGO in South Africa, or played a professional sport in Warsaw, you have something special to offer the world!

However, most people aren’t able to articulate their experiences in ways that business schools appreciate. And we firmly believe that a lack of understanding of the MBA application process should not be an encumbrance in realizing your true potential. You should be able to dream big, plan tactically, and achieve success in your career trajectory. The world’s next big CEO, innovator, or change maker should not be held back simply because they were not aware of what experiences they should have highlighted on their resume, or which recommenders they should have reached out to.

It is this philosophy that drives us every day to help aspiring leaders from all over the world. Everyone deserves to be understood and empowered, and we look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself.